Friday, October 1, 2010

October 1, 2010 - The hypocrite

THE STORY: we moved to an adorable little place a few months ago. The neighbors all have dogs and are really friendly. When we first moved in, our neighbor introduced herself to us and warned us that there was an older woman who lived upstairs that didn't like if you let your dog do its business in the grass. She said everyone else was totally cool with it so really, if you just didn't do it in front of her house and cleaned up after yourself everywhere else there would be no problems.
So about 2 weeks agos I took Izzy out with me when going to check the mail and while I was sifting through junk mail Izzy found it a nice time to do her business. Just as I had finished cleaning up the "business" our friendly neighborhood cranky lady turned the corner and had a cow. She ranted about how I shouldnt let my dog go there and that I needed to pick it up ( it was already in a little baggie). (( I also forgot to mention that prior to this Justin was walking Izzy on the sidewalk and she had a fit to him about not letting her go on the grass when he was just walking her for exercise))
Ever since those lovely incounters I have made sure to keep my distance from the woman and even cleaned up poop I found that wasnt our dogs just to keep her happy. This Tuesday Justin was leaving for work, and as he turned the corner to pass the mailboxes he saw the cranky lady standing by the mailboxes. Guess what she had? a new dog. and guess what that dog was doing? POOPING IN THE GRASS. the exact spot that she freaked out on me for letting Izzy go.

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